Welcome to the home of Larry Larson's tennis bibliography, as discussed in the USENET newsgroup It shows well over 900 titles so far, and it's not small -- ~ >150KB -- so it will take a few seconds to load.

This collection is Copyright 1996-2018, L.P. Larson.

I'm always looking to acquire new books and new information, so if you have any tennis books to sell, or any corrected or updated tennis book information, please email me at: tennisbooks at (change the words "at nospam" to an "@" sign)!

The fields (columns) in the bibliography are as follows:

  1. B,I,F,H -- for biography, instruction, fiction, or history (my best guess).
  2. Title
  3. Author(s)
  4. Year of publication
  5. Publisher
  6. C,P -- for cloth or paper
  7. ISBN or LC (cloth, paper)
  8. C,P -- an indication of which, cloth or paper, I have in my collection.

The Latest Tennis Bibliography in HTML


Read the Offensive Tennis Patent 5,993,336 here:

5,993,336 in PDF [250KB]   5,993,336 in TEXT [12KB]   5,993,336 in HTML [15KB]


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